My Best Friend is a Cat Named Angelo

This is how Angelo became a part of my daily life. When we first brought him home I didn't think he liked me very much. He would keep to himself or hang out with his cousin. He didn't seem very interested in cuddles, or being close. Thankfully, as he grows older, I am constantly reminded that my... Continue Reading →


Still I Stay

He looks at me and smiles. Without thinking I'm in his arms inhaling his new cologne, caught up in the now, not remembering all the hurt, the lies, the betrayal. I crack open a cold can that contains truth and courage. I feel the all too familiar sense of weightlessness as I open another, and... Continue Reading →

Drunken Thoughts

Life just kind of hits you sometimes. You're sitting there and then out of no where that little voice in your head says remember. Remembering can be difficult. One minute you're talking about the good times and then you're slammed back to reality. You go through life acquiring things. Relationships, possessions, experiences and losing all... Continue Reading →

Treat Yo Self

I've been home for about two weeks now, but my shower still has no curtain. Depressing, I know. I've been showering in my husband's bathroom, nothing wrong with that, but having to remove toy cars from the tub every time I want to shower is a pain in the ass. Things have been tight since... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! As I was driving my son to daycare this morning I had a stroke of inspiration and made a short video. Unfortunately I can't upload videos yet, damn upgrades! So I wanted to write a short post with the link to my Instagram! The video was made with my blog readers in mind... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Favorite?

My son has reached the monster stage. It is incredibly frustrating, but when I can clear my head and think of ways to calm his nerves I create some fantastic games! For instance, a few days ago I began blowing him kisses as I left his room. Think of a bubble machine on crack. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

My Day in Pictures

So today my sweet boy went back to daycare. He was super excited and kept asking different questions like: "Do you have my lunch box?" "Going to see friends?" "Going to see Ms. Erica?" "See the truck?" But of course once we got there things changed a bit. "Mama stay with me?" "Not today baby,... Continue Reading →

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